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“25 days, actually…!”

30 Day Extensions deliver the goods. As their name suggests, they finished the structural build of our side return extension in under 30 days (they actually did it in 25 days!). The speed at which they work is incredible. I had Taras as the team leader for my project and I cannot recommend him and his team highly enough if you are planning on doing an extension/house remodel in central London.

Taras is the type of man that finds solutions to problems and will get the project done on time and within budget. We all know that when doing a project like this unforeseen circumstances will pop up, but Taras was always on hand to find a creative solution and keep the costs down as much as possible while doing so. This was my first time doing a project on this scale and I was on a tight budget. I had planned to come in about 10% over budget for unforeseen issues and we landed bang smack on that number.

I was apprehensive at first about working with 30 Day Extensions because their quote was so much lower than the competition but they were true to their word and the quality of work was excellent. I have friends who have done similar projects who have paid a lot more and their houses didn’t look as good as mine when finished. You will have to project manage a fair amount of the build, and there is quite a lot of things that you will have to order and make sure arrives in time yourself (flooring, windows, doors, kitchen, bathroom, paint, parts etc.) – as a first time PM on a build, some of this took me by surprise, but this may be common regardless of who you work with – but Taras and his team were helpful and accommodating when I found myself stuck on some of these elements.

With the second finish of the project, there were a few minor things that weren’t done to the standard I had come to expect from this company but Peter (the owner) and Taras made sure all of those issues were addressed during the snagging (included in the original quote and price of the project) and we were left with the exact end result we wanted.

In conclusion – I would not hesitate to recommend 30 Day Extensions if you are about to embark on your own extension project. They brought my vision to life and I am extremely happy with the final result. *disclaimer – in the photos, the decking I did myself, everything else you see if work done by 30 Day Extensions.