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Blog Post: Guarantees

Something I don't understand in my industry? Guarantees!

When people buy a fridge they want/demand a guarantee and use an established, solvent company keen to keep its reliable reputation intact – who they can contact if something were to go
wrong. Not some new company from Korea, Vietnam etc.

Strangely people abandon these principles when choosing the second most expensive investment in their lives. Extensions and loft conversions.

Many are happy to presume a builder is correct as long as their price is ‘competitive’. If this turns out not to be the case the courts will solve the problem of increased costs and time.

After 40 years in the construction world on ‘both sides of the fence’, I discovered it’s a total waste of time taking smaller companies to court. They just fold… and start again.

As for a guarantee, they’re only worth the paper it’s written on, if a builder is proven solvent and remains in business. Most companies have debts. Most people have debts. The question is in a recession are they bulletproof? We are in for rocky times where this will be tested.

3500 builders went bust up to April this year according to the FT!

We are established, reputable, solvent and use a professional Quantity Surveyor for valuation. We will match any professional quote.

I hope you choose 30 Days.

Peter Snelson, CEO